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Who We Are

Ms. Sol Piano Academy and D&M Music Business have joined forces to embark on the exciting venture of establishment of a piano tutoring academy. This partnership is a harmonious blend of each company’s unique strengths. Ms. Sol Piano Academy, with its innovative prowess, contributes creative content and an unmatched teaching approach that makes learning the piano an inspiring and imaginative journey for young minds. On the other hand, D&M Music Business ensures that the academy operates seamlessly. Together, they are poised to create an academy that not only imparts musical knowledge but also nurtures the inherent creativity within each child, promising to be a transformative experience that shapes the future of young pianists.

Our Mission

We’re here to provide our community with accessible entry into the enchanting world of piano. Guided by devoted instructors, we cultivate a commitment to learning, knowledge, discipline, and cultural values, empowering individuals on their unique musical journey. At Ms.Sol Piano Academy, everyone can play!

Our Vision

We aspire to become the nation’s leading Piano Academy, molding young pianists who play pivotal roles in enhancing our cultural and social fabric through the language of music.

Our Values

Commitment to Excellence

We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to fostering a community-oriented approach and helping our students realize their full potential.

Upholding Ethical Values

We propagate integrity and elevated moral principles as cornerstones of musical education, nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Deep-rooted Respect

We deeply respect the vocation of musical instruction, recognizing each member as an integral facet of our esteemed institution.

Cultivation of Discipline

We instill unwavering determination in our students, propelling them toward their musical and personal aspirations.

Embracing Inclusivity

Our doors are open to all individuals, regardless of unique requirements
or diverse capabilities, upholding their rights and dignity.

Foundation of Trust

We provide a secure and inviting environment characterized by excellence, unity and accountability.

Why Join Ms. Sol Piano Academy?

Our Innovative Method

We adapt our teaching method based on student needs and incorporate the latest music pedagogy concepts, including metacognition.

Say Goodbye to Boring Lessons

Our curriculum is designed to eliminate boredom. We offer activities for learning music theory, mastering techniques, and playing the piano with enthusiasm. At Ms. Sol Piano Academy, we make learning extremely fun and effective!

Custom by Original

Drawing from decades of experience, we've created exceptional instructional material that enhances your learning experience.

Music for All

We welcome students of all ages and backgrounds because we believe everyone should have access to the joy of piano playing.

Top-Quality Instructors

Our highly qualified instructors prioritize your happiness and safety, ensuring a positive learning environment.

Our Guarantee

Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we guarantee that even beginners will be able to play their first piano song within 30 days.